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BBQ Catering Melbourne

The Cantys Cater provide a variety of BBQ catering menus from simple sausage sizzles to classic favourites like a mixed grill with fresh salads. Other ideas include cocktail BBQ, Asian style BBQ, and seafood BBQ. We provide experienced chefs and waiting staff, and can arrange the hire of BBQs, plates, cutlery etc. Contact Cantys Cater today for your BBQ catering Melbourne requirements.

The following menus are just a sample of what we can offer.

Classic favourites:

  • Mixed grill barbeque – grilled porterhouse steaks, trimmed lamb cutlets, gourmet sausages, and bacon rolls, with garlic butter mushrooms and grilled tomatoes
  • Mustards and relishes
  • Crusty rolls and baguettes, pots of butter

Salad bar – a sample selection:

  • Potato salad with pine nuts and black olives in red wine vinaigrette
  • Sweet potato and peanut salad with Thai flavourings
  • Rocket salad with parmesan

Vegetarian options:

  • Corn on the cob with garlic and chive butter
  • Vegetable kebabs with spicy peanut sauce

Cocktail finger food barbeque:

  • Tiny mixed sates with peanut sauce
  • Mini filet mignons with barbeque sauce
  • Baby chickpea and lentil burgers with yoghurt sauce
  • Mini hamburgers on button rolls
  • Baby chipolata sausages, wrapped in prosciutto, with tomato relish
  • Button mushrooms in garlic butter
  • Chicken fillet kebabs in Moroccan marinade
  • Barbequed lime and ginger prawns- in honey, soy and coriander sauce

Asian style barbeque:

  • Mixed Indonesian sates beef, lamb and pork marinated, grilled and served with spicy peanut sauce
  • Chicken kebabs in coriander and mint yoghurt
  • Lamb cutlets in tandoori marinade
  • Chicken wings in Hoisin sauce
  • Indian pork and crab patties with sweet chilli sauce

Salad bar with:

  • Gado gado Balinese style salad of steamed cabbage, cucumber, green beans, egg wedges and noodles dressed in light peanut sauce
  • Asian coleslaw Chinese cabbage, red peppers, snow peas, bean shoots with a soy flavoured mayonnaise and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds


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