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Cantys Cater are experts in finger food catering in Melbourne, and one of our specialties is the elegant cocktail party. Interesting, tempting food, all made at our premises, including dipping sauces, with food freshly cooked on site, where possible. Flavour and presentation are paramount to us. We advise on the best selection for your group, considering the style of the event, from corporate clients, to 21st birthday parties. We can assist you in selecting a finger food menu, and can advise on quantities, balance of flavours and textures, specific dietary requirements, etc. We can also organise the provision of beverages, along with staff and equipment to run a bar. Contact Cantys Cater today for your finger food catering requirements.

A sample menu is below. Please contact us for our FULL cocktail food list.

Cocktail Party


  • Dainty point sandwiches made with poached chicken breast, egg mayonnaise and parsley, cucumber, dill and cream cheese, pate and mushrooms, etc.
  • Thai fish cakes garnished with chilli and basil, served with sweet chilli sauce
  • Fresh asparagus spears wrapped in fine herb crepes
  • Fresh oysters served in Chinese porcelain spoons with vinaigrette dressing and chives
  • Smoked salmon sushi squares served on rice crackers
  • Baby prawn cocktails – peeled prawns in shot glasses, dressed with creamy seafood cocktail sauce, served with cocktail forks


  • Crisp bread tartlette shells filled with curried vegetables – batons of vegetables cooked in coconut milk curry; or with zucchini, eggplant, red pepper and tomato ratatouille
  • Cheese choux pastry puffs with spiced tomato sauce
  • Crunchy sesame chicken – bite size pieces of chicken breast marinated in Chinese wine, dipped in sesame seed butter and fried, served with spiced plum sauce
  • Pakoras – Indian vegetable and chickpea batter fritters, served with fresh coriander chutney
  • Peking duck – tiny pieces of Chinese roast duck served wrapped in a pancake with cucumber, spring onions and Hoisin sauce


  • Chocolate coated ice cream balls
  • Double-dipped strawberries – dipped in dark and white chocolate
  • Baby chocolate crackles
  • Cubes of coconut ice


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