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With over 20 years experience in corporate catering, The Cantys Cater understand our clients’ unique needs. From working sandwich lunches to fully serviced board room meals, to large events, The Cantys Cater understand the needs of business.

The following is a list of our standard working lunch items. Please contact us to place an order or make an enquiry. Our comprehensive corporate menus are available by email, facsimile or by post in one of our beautiful brochures.

Office Finger Food

The food is delivered on platters ready for serving. Serviettes can be supplied free of charge, and juices and soft drinks can be ordered as well. Many of our clients are happy to leave the choice of menu to us, and we maintain files on clients’ special needs, such as dietary limitations, tastes, favourite foods, etc.

Cold Items

Based on Bread


This is a sample of our sandwich fillings. We would be happy to supply a balanced selection for your orders, and can cater to special dietary requirements.

  • Point sandwiches – 2 slices of bread cut into 4 points
  • Club sandwiches – 3 slices of bread cut into 3 ribbons
  • Baby rolls – freshly baked, filled and held in place with a frilly toothpick
  • Ciabatta rolls – freshly baked, filled and held in place with a frilly toothpick
  • Baguettes – filled and cut into serving pieces, held together with a frilly toothpick
  • Open sandwiches – French bread stick, sliced on the diagonal and topped
  • Baby bagels – sliced in half and filled
  • Mountain bread rollups Wraps – pita bread filled and rolled, wrapped in paper and halved


  • Leg ham with grated cheese mixed with seed mustard
  • Poached chicken breast with mayonnaise and chopped parsley, or with browned flaked almonds, or with avocado and bacon, or Waldorf – with chopped celery and walnuts
  • Rare roast beef with our own fig chutney
  • Red salmon with chopped parsley and onion
  • Tuna with spring onions, corn and mayonnaise
  • Pastrami with potato salad
  • Egg and lettuce, or egg with curry mayonnaise
  • Roast pork with apple slices and spicy apple chutney
  • Pate with sliced mushrooms cooked in butter, bacon, or with sprouts and celery
  • Tomato with fresh basil and cheese

Other Ideas

  • Savoury muffins with various fillings, eg. celery and cheddar cheese with sliced ham; pizza muffins with salami; corn, polenta and chilli muffins with mild cheese; avocado muffins with chicken breast, etc – $5.10 ea
  • Baby frittatas – individual omelette cakes flavoured with potato, onion and garlic; zucchini and Parmesan cheese; smoked salmon, brie and dill, etc – $4.50 ea
  • Individual bacon, egg and pea pies – $4.45 ea
  • Flamiches – leek and ham pies flavoured with Swiss cheese – from $3.10


  • Lavish fresh fruit platters – $5.00 pp
  • Tarago River Cheese, Gippsland brie, Gippsland Blue Triple cream, Dutch Gouda, Spiced Gouda, Watsonia, fruit jellies with dried biscuits. With fresh seasonal fruit, cut for easy eating, or with dried fruits and nuts, etc – from $7.80 pp
  • Tarago River Cheese, Gippsland brie, Gippsland Blue Triple cream, Dutch Gouda, Spiced Gouda, Watsonia, fruit jellies with dried biscuits – $6.50
  • Italian style antipasti platters, either vegetarian or with meats – chargrilled vegetables, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, salamis and sopressos, prosciutto, bocconcini cheeses, grissini bread sticks & foccacia – $8.00 pp
  • French charcuterie platters – pate with Melba toasts, pork and veal terrine studded with figs and cashews served with fig and lime chutney and dill cornichons, vegetable crudités with garlic mayonnaise dip, bread baskets – $7.50 pp
  • Fresh vegetable crudites and our own Lebanese bread crisps with dips – from $4.00 pp
  • Smoked fish platters with smoked salmon, smoked trout fillets and pate, fresh oysters, onion rings, capers, lemon wedges, rye bread, cream cheese, etc- from $12.00 pp

Hot Items


  • Designer pizzettes – baby dough pizzas with various toppings – $2.85 ea
  • Potato, rosemary and marinated feta cheese pizza puff pastry slices – $3.00 ea
  • Antipasto squares – puff pastry topped with marinated and grilled vegetables, such as eggplant, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, etc., finished with pesto – $3.35 ea
  • Our own spiced sausage rolls served with sweet chilli dipping sauce – from $3.80 ea
  • Baby beef Wellingtons -fillet cube topped with pate and mushrooms, baked in puff pastry – $ 3.50 ea
  • Pies: Aussie pure beef, Beef burgundy, Beef and Guinness, Moroccan Lamb, Roast lamb and Vegetable, chicken leek and Swiss cheese, Korma Curry Vegetable – from $2.75 ea
  • Small Cornish pasties with root vegetables, potatoes and herbs – $2.85 ea
  • Small zucchini wrapped in smoked salmon, and baked in filo pastry – $2.85 ea
  • Swiss ham and mustard triangles – chopped ham mixed with grated cheese, seed mustard and baked in puff pastry – $2.85 ea
  • Mixed pizza triangles – marinated and grilled vegetables, such as eggplant, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and baked in puff pastry – $2.85 ea
  • Tomato cheese and basil triangles – diced cherry tomatoes with cheese and chopped basil, baked in puff pastry – $2.85 ea
  • Spanokopitas – Greek spinach and fetta cheese filo pastries – $2.85 ea
  • Lebanese lamb fingers – spiced lamb with pine nuts in filo pastry – $2.85 ea
  • Moroccan cigars – minced beef flavoured with fresh coriander, wrapped in filo pastry and served with hummus dipping sauce – $2.85 ea
  • Savoury croissants filled with leg ham and Swiss cheese, leg ham and tomato, tomato and Swiss cheese – $5.00 ea
  • Quiches such as smoked salmon and dill, cherry tomato, asparagus, mushroom, Lorraine (bacon), creamed corn with sweet corn, etc.- from $2.85 ea
  • Open zucchini, tomato and basil tarts – $2.85 ea
  • Puff pastry vol au vents with creamy fillings such as fresh mushroom, peas – with poached chicken optional- $3.20 ea

Fried Foods

  • Indian spiced vegetarian samosa with yoghurt dipping sauce – $2.75ea
  • Spicy potato and pea curry puffs – $2.85 ea
  • Vietnamese spring rolls with rice vinegar dipping sauce – $2.75 ea
  • Sesame chicken, chicken breasts cut into bit size pieces, marinated, rolled in sesame seeds and deep fried – $3.00
  • Chicken Kiev balls (fried or baked), chicken breast balls rolled in bread crumbs with a hot garlic butter filling, served with a lemon mayo or chilli and lime aioli – $2.75 ea

Steamed Items

  • Mini BBQ pork buns, Asian style sweet bread buns filled with savoury marinated pork, served with Kecap manis – $3.50

Grilled Foods

  • Chicken Yakitori – chicken breast skewered with spring onions and grilled in soy & ginger marinade – $4.20 ea
  • Chicken breast skewers marinated in fresh mint and yoghurt, or tandoori yoghurt – $4.20ea
  • Chicken breast skewers marinated with spicy peanut satay – $4.20 ea
  • Lamb fillet souvlaki, marinated in olive oil, lemon, garlic and oregano, topped with yoghurt tzatziki – $4.20 ea
  • Beef satays served with spicy peanut satay – $4.20 ea
  • Baby hamburgers served on dinner rolls, with bacon, lettuce, tomato relish and fried onion – $5.70 ea
  • Baby chipolata sausages, grilled and served with sauces for dipping, or in little finger rolls, with fried onion and coleslaw – from $3.50 ea
  • Chinese crab and pork patties with plum sauce – $2.85 ea
  • Frenched lamb cutlets marinated in lemon juice, olive oil and dried oregano – $5.00 ea
  • Chicken drumlettes baked in hoi sin sauce – $2.85 ea
  • Lamb racks, baked with herb and mustard crust, served cut into juicy cutlets – $5.00 ea
  • Honeyed spiced chicken wings, or Chinese style red-cooked, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds – $2.85

Sweet Items

Sweet selections are also available, some examples include freshly baked muffins, mini muffins, mini éclairs, flavoured croissants, plain croissants served with jam, Danishes, assorted flavoured slices.

Please see our morning and afternoon menus.

(These costs do not include GST. 10% will be added to the final quote/invoice)


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