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Lunch/Dinner On Your Feet – Noodle Boxes

This style of dish is served in small containers, to guests standing, and can be mixed with a cocktail food menu to offer guests something a little more substantial. It can also replace a meal with a choice of 5 to 6 dishes such as those below.

Entree / Something to Start – $3.55 per item

Served to guests on platters – 2 to 3 servings per person recommended


  • Bloody Mary shots – fresh oysters on vodka and spiced tomato juice, served in tiny shot glasses
  • Baby prawn cocktails – a king prawn served in a shot glass filled with creamy cocktail sauce
  • Oysters with lime chilli dressing, served in Chinese porcelain spoons


  • Scallops baked on the shell with ginger and soy, served with bamboo forks
  • Scallops in creamy seafood sauce served in tiny bamboo boats
  • Shots of mushroom soup enriched with truffle oil
  • Tiny crab and pork balls skewered with spinach leaf served with sweet chilli sauce in tiny bamboo box
  • Chicken and sweet corn soup served in Chinese bowls with porcelain spoon

Main Course – $5.00 per dish

Served to guests in containers suitable for eating comfortably while standing – 3 to 5 servings per person recommended.


  • Caesar salad – baby Cos lettuce with garlic croutons, anchovies, shaved Parmesan, with a coddled egg dressing – served on small plates with forks
  • Spicy noodle salad in a sweet soy dressing, with carrots and asparagus – served in noodle boxes with chopsticks
  • Shredded chicken salad with celery, spring onion and chopped dried Australian apricots in a creamy brandied mayonnaise, crowned with avocado and cashews- served in tiny noodle boxes
  • Mini antipasto- mix of Italian style meats, vegetables, cherry tomatoes, boconcini cheese balls and Grissini bread stick- served on a little plate with tiny bamboo fork
  • Thai beef salad with baby greens and spiced herb dressing- served in bamboo bowl with wooden fork


  • Warm lentil salad with spinach and goats curd, served in tiny noodle boxes with forks
  • Rendang and rice – Indonesian beef curry on a bed of saffron rice with peas – served in bowls with forks
  • Assorted steamed, fried and baked dim sum served in bamboo steamer baskets with black vinegar dipping sauce
  • Chilli con carne and warm corn and jalapeño chilli bread – served on small plates with forks
  • Chicken a la King – poached chicken breast, shredded and served in a cream sauce with mushrooms, almonds and sherry – served on small plates with forks
  • Moroccan beef with steamed couscous and chick peas- served in little bowls with forks
  • Mixed grill in a noodle box- cubes of beef, lamb, chipolata sausage wrapped in bacon, mushroom and cherry tomato served in a mini noodle box with roasted tomato sauce and a wooden fork
  • Chicken balls flavoured with sweet chilli sauce and peanuts, served on a skewer in little cups with yoghurt and coriander sauce

Desserts – $3.50 per dish

Served in small containers suitable for guests standing- 2 servings per person recommended

  • Mini tiramisu – served in little cups with a baby fork
  • Mini trifle served in little cups and a small coloured spoon
  • Vanilla bean panna cotta served in little paper cups with small coloured spoon
  • Death by Chocolate – a sliver of chocolate velvet cake, a dollop of chocolate and sour cream mousse, a choux puff with filled milk chocolate cream served on small plate with spoon
  • Double-dipped strawberries – dipped in dark and white chocolates
  • Mini gelato cones
  • Fruit skewers with honeyed yoghurt dipping sauce
  • Campari and strawberry jelly in a shot glass with Persian fairy floss
  • Pavlova in a shot glass with fresh Berries and sweetened cream

Please note: These prices do not include the GST. 10% will be added to the final quote/invoice.


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